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Maximum result – less effort


Supreme Legacy is more than a brand.

Health is the most valuable asset in your portfolio. Your mental health affects your body, and your body affects your mind. But it all starts with the body.

Without the right nutrition, you will poison your body to the degree that it will affect your mental and physical well-being and happiness. Only after I built a fit body and learned how to nurture myself correctly, I learned to control the mind. If you think happiness is something you can achieve by external factors, think again. Happiness results from a healthy mindset, which can only manifest if you treat your body right.

I am not here to make it hard for you.

I am here to make you aware of the great potential that you carry within you. If you realize how powerful your mindset is, you will undoubtedly experience extraordinary success. See, I was obsessed with clean eating and bodybuilding for over two years. Since then, I didn’t need to sacrifice my time for the gym and proper nutrition management. Sure, I visit the gym six times a week and I make sure I don’t eat unhealthy food. But guess what, I never missed a party, always had enough time for my friends, didn’t decline a single invitation to a restaurant and I am working sixty hours a week. I am here to prove to you that you can achieve your dream body without being a gym-rat. You don’t have to be the fitness stereotype who eats out of boxes, always does food-prep and never drinks alcohol or smokes. All of this makes sense and I highly recommend not to smoke or drink alcohol, but if you wish to, you can still do it. Achieving your dream body doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the right principles.


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The cypher

Fitness changed my life

Through fitness, I learned all the skills that I needed to eliminate my destructive, negative mindset. The discipline, self-awareness and confidence that goes along with taking care of your body was the catalysator for my personal success. Now, I live the life that I’ve always dreamt of. And it all started with my fitness journey.

I am not a personal coach for an ambitious bodybuilder who wants to take part in competitions on stage. I am here to transform the normal guy or girl who wants to become healthy and fit. I am sincerely convinced that you can achieve your dream body without getting obsessed and solely focusing on nutrition and training. You don’t have to sacrifice social engagements, you don’t have to spend endless hours cooking and neither do you have to renounce everything.

It all comes down to 5 principles

Don’t get fooled: Building a muscular body has nothing to do with buying expensive supplements, unique training techniques or eating tons of meat. You can achieve it easily if you create the mindset around it. I was always told, “things aren’t as easy as you think.” They were right, it was always easier than I thought. They tell you that it is hard to make you buy their products, they tell you that it is hard because they failed. They tell you that it is hard because they never tried. Never let someone doubt you. Your potential is endless, you just need to unleash it.