About Fitness

Fitness is not only about building muscles. It’s a state of mind. It’s health, balance and the return to your inner self. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

Start your journey and enrich your life with self-esteem, discipline and a strong will.

My Services

Start your transformation now – and unleash your full potential. It will not only transform your body but also your mindset, which will enable you to make gains in every aspect of your life.

Healthy Plans

You don’t want to be a vegan? No problem. I can introduce you to the very best, non-vegan diets. I will design whole-week-plans to get you the nutrition that you need for a healthy life.


Training Techniques

Get a look at my training secrets! Here I share my tips, which I have rarely seen anywhere else. The biggest success does not come from the most obvious things.


Vegan Diet & Nutrition Plans

The vegan diet is the healthiest of them all! Here you can learn how to enjoy eating vegan on a daily basis.



Become an overall balanced athlete by combining extreme stamina and great strength.


You can choose between vegan and non-vegan recipes. But no matter which one you decide on, they all have the most important part in common: They are super delicious and optimized for the fastest muscle building.


Mass vs. Strength

You will have to decide: Do you want to gain strength, muscle mass or both?Whatever you choose, I will guide you to the strategies that will maximize your gains.

Training Plans

Not only will I share my training plans with you but I will also tailor a plan to perfectly meet your individual needs.


Get lean

Do you want to get rid of your fat? There are simple ways to do that – all it takes is consistency. You don’t need to starve!


In six years of training, I didn’t have a single injury. I started my journey when I was 15 and a half years old, and I have continuously improved since then.

Back then, I trained at home with body weight exercises and high amounts of repetitions.

After doing this for half a year, I bought myself a bench, some weights and a chin-up bar. I learned the basic exercises before I signed up for the gym at the age of 16. I extensively studied the science and the underlying mechanisms of muscle growth, fat loss and healthy diets for over five years.

This makes me able to release a system which includes all the relevant information and excludes all the noise. I know what actually works and what doesn’t. Click on “more info” to see my transformation.


I can coach you via Skype after you have acquired all the information that I share in my e-book. I will track your progress and make sure that your transformation is not only happening as fast as possible but also as risk-free as possible. If you want, I will feature your transformation on Instagram and help you to build your own page if that’s in your interest.

I will be available to answer any questions that you may have. Just schedule a call and you can ask me anything, and I will guide you on your individual path to glory.


You want to get in touch with us? Join our membership to become a Supreme Legacy Member. What can you expect? You can join our Whatsapp or Facebook group for training and diet discussion, recipes and nice people who will always help you out if you have any questions. It will be a personal chat for development in every area, whether you want to become a Supreme Legacy Athlete, get in touch with us or just maximize your training and nutrition progress. You will find yourself not only transforming physically, but also mentally as your sleep, your routines and way of life improves significantly. There is key to every success – and it starts with your well-being.


Born to help you succeed.
You will become the best version of yourself – without sacrificing other parts of your life!
You will learn how to apply the Pareto principle in order to avoid deficits in other parts of your life while you dedicate your life to fitness.
I will show you how to use your acquired knowledge to build your body & life successfully.

Konstantin Kaiser

Personal & Online Coach

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live support, chat, training & diet discussion, recipes, tips
+ access to the blog which will weekly release tips, advice, plans and recipes

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